Raman said details of the shooting in Kratovo

Raman said details of the shooting in Kratovo

The first victim of the shooter from Kratovo was his neighbor. Then the man opened fire on random passers-by and shot two more neighbors. Raman said that the man used homemade and brought from Chechnya weapons.

Russia’s investigative Committee announced details of the shooting in Kratovo, in which 4 people died. The message published on the official website of the Department.

According to preliminary data, 50-year-old man, Igor Zenkov in the evening of 10 June, started shooting at a neighbor and then burned his barn on site. Then he began to shoot at the unfamiliar man and woman who tried to help put out the fire. Later Zenkov shot and killed two neighbors.

From 1992 to 2014 Zenkov worked as a mechanic-repairman in the MOE. He repeatedly was on business trips in flashpoints, but never participated in combat.

The attack he used the arms of old samples. Some of the weapons the assailant brought back from trips to Chechnya, the other one was homemade. The man did not have permission to possess firearms. The consequence considers that he had a large quantity of ammunition, hand grenades, shotguns and a pistol “the Mauser”.

The consequence does not exclude that the victim of men could become another person.

Zenkov lived with his mother, who “recently ill and could not move,” therefore, the UK considers the theory that she could also die.

Previously TASS citing a source in law enforcement bodies reported that things Zenkova was discovered a suicide note. Who wrote it, the people complained to his father on the complicated relationships with its neighbors. The consequence conducts the examination of handwriting. The Agency source also said that a man could commit a crime on home soil: he had a strained relationship with a neighbor, “whose house shaded his land”, and with a relative who lived in the same house.

“At the moment we know about three conflict situations, which eliminated the day before in Kratovo Igor Zenkov has developed with neighbors”, — said the source TASS.

According to him, Zenkov were dissatisfied with the service station, which opened his neighbour Konstantin Lebedev. The man didn’t like that near his home constantly there go cars. Lebedev was shot by one of the first, according to the Agency.

The source of “RIA Novosti” in law enforcement also said that investigators have questioned the father of the man, his neighbors and local residents. The incident TFR opened a criminal case under article “Murder of two and more persons” “the Encroachment on life of law enforcement officer” and “Illicit arms trafficking”.