Ovsyannikov filed documents for registration as a candidate for Governor


the press service of the government of Sevastopol

The head of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov on Friday, June 9, the first filed in the Sevastopol city election Commission documents for registration as a candidate for Governor from the party “United Russia”. This was reported on Friday, July 9, in the press release of the city government, arrived in edition “Tapes.ru”.

Commenting on the event, the acting head of the city thanked the party and said that from June 9, starts his campaign headquarters. “We go to the polls as a United front is an asset and supporters of the party, the group’s public support of the initiative group in the municipalities, activists in the collectives of enterprises, institutions and organizations”, — said Ovsyannikov.

He noted that official to join the fight for the Governor’s chair is an important stage in his life. “Was the feeling like when applying for a job, first job. I first passed the document to nominate a candidate for Governor. Now comes the period in which I will try to prove that I’m the one candidate for whom to vote”, — he shared his feelings.

According to the acting Governor, his election program will be associated with the development Strategy of Sevastopol until 2030, which was developed by the government of Sevastopol. “The first is to support key industries, which form the tax base of the city. The second is the possibility of implementing a residents in the labour force, in business, in higher and secondary special education,” he explained.

Also one of the important points — the creation of a comfortable environment. Namely, the solution of infrastructure questions, which are implemented in the framework of the Federal targeted programme, transport, organization of the network of health, education. “In the campaign I’m going to reveal the objects that will be built in the next five years”, — said Ovsyannikov, adding that the campaign period will go on leave as required by law.

On 6 June the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol decided to appoint elections of the Governor on September 10.

In March it became known that Ovsyannikov submitted documents to the political Council of the party “United Russia” to participate in the primaries before the election of the mayor.

Ovsyannikov was appointed acting Governor of Sevastopol in late July after his predecessor, Sergei Menyailo became the presidential envoy in the Siberian Federal district.