Kadyrov commented on the statement of the state Department on the Chechen security forces

Ramzan Kadyrov

Statements of the US state Department on the situation in Chechnya is based on lies. The Chechen guards always protected from terrorists and Russians, and citizens of the United States, so Washington has no right to tell them how to perform their duties. The head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov wrote on his page in Instagram.

“For a short time, the state Department twice makes a loud statement on Chechnya. And both times they are based on lies and intentional misinformation. This time requires “to ensure the safety of Murad Amriev”. We have provided and ensure the security of all Russian citizens living in Chechnya. We protect them from terrorist organizations, including the citizens of the United States and Europe”, — says the politician. “When their (terrorists) hands were killed, and hundreds of thousands of the best sons of the Chechen Republic and the whole of Russia, the state Department in a mouthful of water gained. And when there is no need to protect someone, when we defeated terrorism, to establish peace and order, representatives of the state Department cut a tiny voice”, he added.

The statement that Amriev allegedly seized by Chechen special forces, Kadyrov called false. He stressed that the MMA fighter did not come in for questioning. “Are you saying that the police has no right to fulfill their direct duties, to declare the wanted list of individuals who are not to the investigator? These actions are imposed by law and not from Washington indicate how to fulfill them”, — wrote the head of the Republic. He stressed that after the testimony Amriev was released. “And like rubbed his hands in the state Department, expecting amrieva almost send to the Kolyma. That you have there in Guantanamo Bay without trial for ten years to keep people. In Chechnya, ruled by law and order! So be it forever and ever!” — he wrote.

A statement by the US state Department was circulated on 10 June. It Department urged Russia to protect the rights amrieva.

Murad Amriev — MMA fighter. Chechen law enforcers have declared him wanted on charges of using forged documents. He was detained in Belarus, and Syria. Previously, the athlete has argued that one of the law enforcement officers announced his brother’s blood feud, and in 2013 he left Russia. At a press conference on June 10, the athlete said that neither for him nor for his family in any danger in Chechnya is not.