In Transbaikalia have found two tons of undelivered mail

In Transbaikalia have found two tons of undelivered mail

Two tons of undelivered mail was found by police when they searched the apartment of the suspect in a criminal case in Chita. On Sunday, June 11, the press service of the Main Department of internal Affairs on Transbaikalian edge.

“The employees of the Chita municipal Department of internal Affairs of Russia it is established that the sister of the owner of the apartment where a search was conducted, is an employee of a post office. For some reason she was putting up mail in the apartment of relatives, including judicial writing, are now being investigated by police officers”, — stated in the message.

On this fact criminal case on an administrative offence. Materials sent to the court bailiff service, specifies the Ministry.

In August 2016, in Transbaikalia has sacked the employee of mail, threw the letters in the woods outside the city Mogocha.

About the discovery in the woods outside the city letters informed the head of the mogochinsky district in Zabaykalsky Krai Dmitry plyukhin. The landfill was personal and business letters, and certificates from medical institutions in July and August.