In the state Duma have attended to a mass leak of Russian pilots

Continued: Minister of transport responded by saying in the posts about the leak of Russian pilots

Deputies of the state Duma sent a request to the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov in connection with the emergence of information about the mass layoffs of Russian pilots moving to work in Asia. About it “Interfax” on Friday, 9 June, said the Chairman of the Duma Committee for labor and social policy Yaroslav Nilov.

“Today we sent a request to the Ministry of transport in connection with reports about the brain drain from Russian airlines. We ask to explain the reason for such a situation and indicate the measures taken to reduce such trends,” he said.

In addition to the Ministry of transport, the appropriate request sent to a Committee and a trade Union representing the interests of pilots.

Earlier, on 9 June it became known that in 2014 Russia left more than 300 highly qualified specialists. Of these, about a hundred commanders of aircraft (FAC) and the instructor left to work in China. The situation is compounded by the fact that 400 pilots are in the process of employment.

Former Deputy Minister of civil aviation of the Soviet Union, honored pilot of the USSR Oleg Smirnov in the comments of the National news service (NSN) noted that the domestic industry go away, the commanders of the aircraft. “This piece and very expensive product, because not all can become the commanders of the ship not only professional data, but also physiological. Of course, the market is gunning for them,” — said the expert.

Russian pilots abroad are attracted to the higher salary. The average salary of a pilot in China ranges from 17 thousand to 25 thousand dollars a month (968 thousand of 1.42 million). Russia is currently the second pilot gets 320-350 thousand rubles per month, FAC — 470 thousand, the instructor is more than 500 thousand rubles.