In social networks there are hashtags for the Day of Russia

Users of social networks began preparations for the Day of Russia celebrated on June 12.

The “Vkontakte” users can decorate their avatars stickers with the flag and congratulate your friends with the Day of Russia. They can also send friends a special holiday gift for the musical accompaniment, the Anthem of the Russian Federation.

In the “Classmates” users are invited to sing the Russian anthem with Karaoke in the app OK Live, it appears first in the list of available songs. The live broadcast of the singing you can decorate a special holiday mask. All published videos with the hashtag #ДеньРоссии2017 will appear in the “Video” section of the social network.

Users captured in their positions preparing for the holiday offline — the people rehearse performances, get a flag and launched into the sky balloons in the form of the Russian flag.

Russia day is celebrated as a national holiday since 1992. On this day in 1990 adopted the Declaration on state sovereignty of the RSFSR.