Clearing the border with the Russian territory of Estonians fined

Russian border guards detained two Estonian workers who were clearing the border area, and did not notice prohibiting stopping of vehicles sign. About it RIA Novosti reported in the Estonian police and border guard Board (DPP).

The incident occurred on Thursday, June 8, in the area Shatsikava boots — Russian territory, which forms the Estonian road, but to stay there is forbidden. Clearing the border area of trees and shrubs workers was driving the car using the mobile app, and not noticed a prohibiting sign. They stopped to make further route and were detained by patrolling the territory by border guards. Workers were fined two thousand rubles, after which he returned to Estonia.

The head of border guard station and Saatse lunskoy Prefecture DPP ARVI suvi said that work was told in advance about the rules of movement in the area adjacent to the site boundary. He stressed that mobile applications are not always specified boundaries, which can lead to violations of the border regime.

In December 2016, because of the violation of the regime of stay in Russia to Cuba was expelled couple, who came from Cuba to the far East on the eve of the wedding. Upon expiry of the permitted period of stay they have not left the country. The couple were discovered during maintenance activities in one of the hostels of the city. Violators also fined on two thousand roubles.