Who’s the DUP who came to the rescue of Theresa may

Who’s the DUP who came to the rescue of Theresa may

After the early parliamentary elections in Britain in which no one received an absolute majority, Prime Minister Theresa may and the Democratic unionist party has announced that they will agree on a joint Board. What is the DUP is a new partner tori?

Theresa may, returning on Friday afternoon from the Queen, declared that the last Thursday of the elections, it will form a government with the support of the Northern Irish Democratic unionist party.

May did not elaborate on what forms of support can be discussed — whether the tories will form a coalition government or, for example, simply will count on the votes of the DUP in Parliament.

A little later, the leader of the unionist Arlene foster has announced that the party starts the negotiations with the conservatives.

Tory as a result of these early elections lost the absolute majority in the House of Commons, winning 318 mandates, but along with 10 MPs from the DUP, they have more than half the votes in the lower house of Parliament.

The democratic unionist party is the smallest in the whole of Britain party, but the leading political force in Northern Ireland.

In the current political situation for the DUP, serving for withdrawal from the EU, the key issue will be the question of the border with the Republic of Ireland.

After the withdrawal of Britain from the EU this boundary will be a land frontier of Britain with the European Union and the DUP is in favour of it turns into cordon with tight control.

On the other hand, the party takes a hard anti-European position before rose star Party United Kingdom independence (UKIP), the DUP were the main eurosceptics in Britain.

The DUP advocates, in particular, for the withdrawal from the customs Union of the EU in their election Manifesto speaks about the need for “progress in terms of new free trade agreements with the rest of the world.”

What should be the new customs agreement with the EU, the Northern Ireland as the conservatives did not specify.

DUP — supporters of the unity with great Britain — oppose any special status for Northern Ireland after the “breccia”.

The DUP created a Protestant pastor and founder of his own Church Ian Paisley opposes same-sex marriage and abortion. Abortion in Northern Ireland is prohibited, only allowed abortion for medical reasons.

The newly member of the house of Commons from the DUP’s Sammy Wilson, an ardent enemy fighters against climate change, was at one time Minister of Northern Ireland on environmental issues.

Mervyn storey, DUP in charge of education, has called for the introduction in schools alongside the theory of evolution the teaching of creationism, that is, the doctrine that man and the world were created by God.

After the early elections on 8 June in the House of Commons formed a balance of power that the small Democratic unionist party with 10 mandates have gained a lot of weight. Without it, the conservatives have no majority, as other parties — the labour party, the Scottish national party and the liberal Democrats — don’t want to go into a coalition with the tories.

On the other hand, the DUP because of their political views had no choice as to which of the major parties to join: they do not like labour.

MPs from the DUP, including the faction leader Nigel Dodds’, have long criticized labour leader Jeremy Corbin, in particular, due to past connection with the “Sinn FEIN”.

At DUP — a complex history of relations with “Sinn FEIN”, party of supporters of the unification of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In General, the DUP was created as a party of protest, as an organization of hard unionists, and fighting with the Catholic irredentists, and with the “softness” of London.

Once the DUP pointedly out of the negotiations on the peaceful settlement in Northern Ireland in protest against the involvement of “Sinn FEIN” and Republicans.

But over the years the tensions of the politicians of the two communities of Ulster was asleep, and the DUP became the ruling party.

In 2007 Ian Paisley topped the Northern Ireland government, and the leader local “Sinn FEIN,” Martin McGuinness, a former commander of the IRA, became his Deputy. They got along well.

However, to date the relationship between Irish nationalists and unionists in Northern Ireland again began to cool.

In this campaign, reacting to the growing popularity of “Sinn FEIN”, the DUP have focused on calls for the unity with Britain and resistance intentions to hold a referendum on the unification of Ireland and Northern Ireland.