Warehouse of combustive-lubricating materials caught fire in Yaroslavl

Continued: A shot with a quadcopter video of a burning warehouse in Yaroslavl

In Yaroslavl lit warehouse of fuels and lubricants. This was reported on the website of the Central regional emergency center.

A message about the burning barrels of oil in the warehouse located on the Industrial passage, arrived to rescuers about 11:10 GMT. The area of the fire was two thousand square meters. Later, RIA Novosti said that the fire spread to four thousand square meters.

According to the portal 76.ru from houses located near the warehouse were evacuated people. “Blow up the barrels with fuel. The situation is very serious. All the reserves of rescuers strapped on Industrial drive,” — noted in the regional Central Board MOE.

The fire injured a security guard of the warehouse, reports Federal news Agency (FAN).

The video of the incident published in the channel “Star”.