Peskov commented on the scandal with the issue of housing for veterans in the Crimea


RIA Novosti

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov commented on previously appeared in the media information about the results of war veterans uninhabitable apartments in the Crimea.

I, unfortunately, missed this information I don’t know what was going on, I need time to check. I the first time you hear about it , – said Peskov.

Earlier the radio station govorit Moskva reported that on the eve of Victory Day veterans of the great Patriotic war in Sevastopol was given the apartment. The granddaughter of one of the veterans told the journalists that, instead of a whole apartment to the pensioner provided only half: one-bedroom apartment was divided by a partition, and from the entrance were two doors. Additionally, the housing is partially lacking communication.

As noted in the Sevastopol Department of the investigative Committee of Russia, investigators are checking this information.