May have received from the Queen’s permission to form government

May have received from the Queen’s permission to form government

Moscow. June 9. INTERFAX.RU Prime Minister Theresa may said on Friday after a visit to Buckingham Palace that Queen Elizabeth II gave her official permission for the formation of a new government.

“I just had a visit from Her Majesty the Queen, and I now proceed to the formation of the government — a government that can provide confidence and which will lead the British people forward at a critical time for our country”, — said the Prime Minister told reporters.

Earlier may said that it did not intend to resign, despite an adverse election results. According to preliminary data, the result is an extraordinary vote conservative not only failed to strengthen their own positions, but they also lost several seats in Parliament (according to the latest — 12).

According to experts, which leads to “bi-Bi-si”, the conservatives will get a 319 seats (out of 650), labour 261, 35 will go to the Scottish national party, liberal Democrats — 12.

The conservative party may have failed to obtain an absolute majority of seats in Parliament, 326 seats out of 650 in the house of Commons. Thus, the UK is waiting for a “hung Parliament”.

As marks “bi-Bi-si”, probably, may counts on the support of the Democratic unionist party, which, according to preliminary data, will receive 10 seats in Parliament.

It is not excluded that may not create a coalition, and will cooperate with the minority parties on a less formal basis to form a government.