American students pledged money spent without gadgets summer

American students pledged money spent without gadgets summer

The Director of a private high school in Washington Diana Smith (Diana Smith) promised to pay students $ 100 if they refuse to use gadgets on summer vacation. About it reports The Washington Post.

Smith said that for a start, she invited the children to spend each summer Tuesday without phones and any other electronic devices.

“I do not like when teachers bribe the students with Goodies, but in this case I’d be breaking my own rules. I’m sure that in this matter they need help,” said the Director.

The woman added that headed the school since 2008 and every year the situation is getting worse: adolescents don’t sleep well due to the fact that late sitting in the Internet and write each other in the middle of night messages. She announced her initiative parents and they fully supported her.

The Director also said that willing to pay children of pocket for one day a week free from gadgets.

In February, the American teacher, became famous in the network because of its unusual way of welcoming students. For each child he came up with a unique handshake, and before school to him was a queue of people willing to do the ritual greeting.