Advisors Theresa may, resigned due to the result of the early elections

Nick Timothy and Fiona hill

As a result of parliamentary elections in the UK, initiated by Prime Minister Theresa may, adviser to the Prime Minister of great Britain Nick Timothy (Nick Timothy) and co-head of the apparatus of the British Prime Minister, Fiona hill (Fiona Hill) resigned. About it writes “bi-Bi-si”.

“Obviously, the result of the General election was a great disappointment — said Timothy. — I take responsibility for my actions in this election campaign, which was a mistake of our political program.”

Timothy also suggested what could be the reason for such election results. According to him, the reason for the disappointing outcome was not low support Theresa may and the conservatives, and rapid growth in the popularity of the labour party. He also noted that many disgruntled British exit from the EU.

On last Thursday an early election the conservative party won, however, lost its ruling majority in Parliament. Thus she lost the chance to form a single-party government.

Tory leader, Theresa may, announced that it is ready to lead a minority Cabinet with the support of the Democratic unionist party received 10 seats.