The white house has called sanctions are the best tool of pressure on Russia

The white house has called sanctions are the best tool of pressure on Russia

The U.S. believes sanctions against Russia are the best tool to put pressure on Moscow, said at a press briefing, White house spokesman Sarah Sanders.

“The sanctions regime is the best instrument to force Russia to fulfill its obligations”, — quotes the words of Sanders, RIA “Novosti”.

A White house spokesman indicated that the administration of the President of the United States is committed to maintaining existing sanctions against Russia. “We’ll keep them as long as Moscow does not fulfill completely their commitments to resolving the crisis in Ukraine,” she added.

The President of the United States Donald trump is leaning in favor of maintaining sanctions against Russia Barack Obama in connection with the charges of Moscow’s intervention in the presidential election. About this newspaper the Wall Street Journal reported may 26, a senior administration official trump on condition of anonymity. These sanctions were imposed for a month before trump entered the office of the President (the inauguration took place on 20 January).

A few days before the inauguration of the trump Barack Obama has extended for one year sanctions that were imposed on Russia in March 2014 because of the situation in Crimea and Ukraine. Before that, 30 December 2016, Obama expanded sanctions against Russia in response to alleged Moscow’s intervention in the US presidential election. Under these restrictions were Russian FSB and GRU.