The UK has chosen a “hung Parliament”

The UK has chosen a “hung Parliament”

At the end of counting results in 629 of 650 constituencies, the conservatives lost the opportunity to obtain an absolute majority in the House of Commons.

Moscow. June 9. INTERFAX.RU — the results of the counting of the votes in 629 of 650 constituencies in the UK, the conservatives got the 304 seats in the House of Commons, the labour party — 258 seats as of 7:55 Moscow time. This means that the ruling party will not be able to gain an absolute majority in Parliament, which requires at least 326 seats.

Still have to calculate the results in two dozen constituencies, however the main result of the elections, they will not change: British media are writing about a “hung Parliament” as an accomplished fact. The head of labour’s Jeremy Corbyn calls on Prime Minister Theresa may to think about retirement, discussed the creation of a coalition government.

According to recent reports, the Scottish national party won 34 seats, the liberal Democrats — 12, others — 21.

Parliamentary elections, may announced at the end of April. She explained that the UK needs certainty, stability and strong leadership, and it is therefore necessary to hold early elections. In addition, she said, it will allow to unite British society before negotiations for the country’s exit from the EU.