The family feared the sex-education of Germans went for a second try moving to Russia

German Eugene Martens, raising with his wife, 10 children arrived in Russia from Germany in order to agree the terms of moving my family in the Stavropol region, reports on Friday, June 9, Novosibirsk portal

Previously, the Doc ‘ Martins moved to Siberia for fear of lessons of sex education in German schools. At the end of last year, they settled in the village Kyshtovka Novosibirsk region and planned to take up farming. The regional authorities, the Germans got a lift in the amount of 150 thousand rubles.

However, in February 2017, the family returned to Germany. According to a family friend, Austrian human rights activist Harry Morea, ambulance departure was connected with the visit of the police after one of the children of Doc ‘ Martins, received a fracture of the clavicle. The father of the family was afraid that the Russian guards would take his offspring, transmit Вести.Ru.

Country Doc ‘ Martins had to live in the apartment the mother wife of Eugene. Compatriots have subjected them to harassment.

March 1, assistant of the Commissioner for human rights in Stavropol Krai Vladimir Poluboyarinov posted in Facebook offer this German family to settle in the southern region of Russia. The Doc ‘ Martins, promised a house with all amenities.

It is noted that the administration of Stavropol already transferred to the Novosibirsk region of 150 thousand rubles, paid there to the Germans.