The cause of the death of Khrushchev’s granddaughter

The cause of death for Yulia Khrushcheva, fell under the wheels of a train in Moscow was an accident. To such conclusion employees of the Moscow interregional investigative management on transport SKR, reports TASS.

Found that 77-year-old woman on Thursday morning, June 8, was walking on railroad tracks near the station Sun and heard the signals approaching at high speed “Aeroexpress”, following from the Vnukovo airport to Moscow (intermediate stops the train makes — approx. “Of the”). Not having to move away to the side, she fell under the train. As a result, the pensioner received fatal injuries.

Khrushchev will be buried on June 13 at the troyekurovskoye cemetery, reports REN TV.

Yulia Khrushchev was born in 1940 in the family of the son of Nikita Khrushchev, the future first Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. In 1943, her father, Leonid, a military pilot who did not return from combat missions, since his body was never found, was declared missing. After that, the girl was adopted by her grandfather Nikita.