Rogozin: products “Tactical missile armament” shows high class in Syria

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin

© Peter Kovalev/host photo Agency TASS

QUEENS, 9 Jun. /TASS/. The products of the Corporation “Tactical missiles” during carrying out operation in Syria has worked well and showed high quality. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, speaking on the anniversary of the tactical missiles Corporation.

“I congratulate you with this holiday, with the anniversary. This is only the beginning of a larger work which is now being tested in Syria, where everything that is you, or a big part of being tested, refined, brought to mind, but it shows the high class. It’s great, he said. – It actually puts our army, our Navy in a different League.”

Rogozin noted that just a few years ago some liberal economists allow themselves to “giggle” over the fact that Russia rusty rocket and rusty factories. “Companies within the scope of the tactical missiles Corporation, shows that it is only the villains all rusty, and we have modern and capable of combat use,” – said Rogozin, adding that NATO officials only respect the language of physical forces, and the tactical missiles Corporation creates a feeling of power that allows Russia to adequately defend their independence and sovereignty.