In Israel have discovered the remains of the missing priest from Russia

Vasily Varlamov

The remains of a missing four years ago, the priest from Russia Vasily Varlamov discovered near Jerusalem. This information was confirmed by the head of the police Department to work with the Russian media, major Michael Zingerman, reports

Zingerman said that in late April of this year, near the Arab village of Hizma, North of Jerusalem, on the territory of the Palestinian authority, have been found human remains, which were handed over for examination.

Study based on DNA analysis showed that they belong to the citizen of Russia Vasily Varlamov. The test results also clearly indicated that the death was of a violent nature. The case of the disappearance and death of Varlamov Israeli Prosecutor’s office closed.

According to the police, since the disappearance of the priest law enforcement agencies were in constant contact with his family living in Russia and with representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church in Israel. Once it became known that the found remains Varlamov, reported by his wife. The priest was buried in one of the monasteries of Jaffa.

Cleric of the Nizhny Novgorod diocese, Archpriest Vasily Varlamov went missing in August 2013. He was in Israel on a pilgrimage trip with his wife and daughter, shortly before his disappearance, went to doctors in connection with poor health. After receiving the necessary medical care father Basil returned to the hotel. On the morning of 17 August he left the hotel to walk and never came back. To himself he had no cell phone, no credit cards, for which it was possible to determine its location. On the incident was made known to the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the Russian ecclesiastical mission in Jerusalem. The Department for missing persons did not publish formal reports to the media about the disappearance of Varlamov.