Fined for an editorial assignment

Fined for an editorial assignment

The journalist Sofia arifdjanova found guilty of participating in an unsanctioned rally on March 26 in Moscow and fined on 10 thousand roubles In court was provided by her press card and an editorial job, however, the judge agreed with the police report. Of the detainees at the rally of journalists in respect of which it was drawn up, only one found not guilty — an employee of the British newspaper The Guardian Alec moon.

Today the Tver district court of Moscow has recognized the journalist of IA “Open media” Sofia Arifdjanova guilty of participating in an unsanctioned rally. “Admit guilty in violation of part 6.1 of article 20.2 of the administrative code with a fine of 10 thousand rubles.”, — read out the verdict, judge Denis Ivanov. This part refers to the participation in an unsanctioned rally, the procession, which caused interference with the functioning of vital infrastructure, transport or social infrastructure, communications, movement of pedestrians, and provides for a penalty of a fine from 10 thousand to 20 thousand rubles, compulsory community service or administrative arrest up to 15 days.

“We will definitely appeal the court decision”, — said “Kommersant” the lawyer Valentin Karelin. “This decision is absolutely unfair, — said “Kommersant” the chief editor of IA “Open media” Sergey Prostakov, who took the reporter to the rally.— Sophie was doing her job, conducted online, conveyed messages and photos that we have included in the online report. The court were put screenshots of correspondence in the messenger. Everyone was talking about her innocence. In my opinion, there is a political reason — to punish everyone who was detained on 26 March”. According to article 47 of the law “On mass media”, a journalist has the right to visit places of mass disorders and mass congestions of citizens.

According to most of Arifdjanova lady, she was at a meeting with the editorial assignment and the press card on his chest, passed through phone messages and photos to an online report. When she was detained, she said she is a journalist. “I saw no reason to push the fact that I’m a journalist, because the police reacted very negatively to it,” — said in court Sofia arifdjanova.

Lawyer managed to find witnesses of the detention.

“Around her neck hung a plastic card, she loudly told the police that she is a journalist, press” — said Ilona Pitonisa, explaining what was going on Tverskaya street in their cases to the metro. “I spent ten minutes standing next to her, she silently watched what was happening. Then I went to the chain of Riot policemen, one of them rushed to her, grabbed and dragged to the van,” said the photographer of “Novaya Gazeta” Alexander Lokhmatov.

Speaking two police officers, on the contrary, said that she ran out into the roadway, obstructing the passage of vehicles, jumped and shouted slogans. “But there are several cordons of police as they break through to the roadway?” — perplexed Mr. Karelin showing the judge a few photos from the event. All the police denied that they had heard how the reporter called their profession, one of them said that she had hung on his chest “some badges”.

Mr. Prostakov, also speaking in court, showed the judge the correspondence with the journalist on March 26 on your phone. However, the judge has demanded to show documents confirming the reality of this correspondence. “While the notaries are not ready to assure on-the-record messaging”, — said after the trial the lawyer. Not even the presence of the correspondent of the British newspaper the Guardian, American Alec Moon. He was also detained during the rally, but this week, another judge of the Tverskoy court of Moscow, having considered his case, decided to cancel the Protocol.

We will remind, at an unsanctioned anti-corruption rally on March 26 was detained at least 17 members of the media. Most were subsequently released without protocols, although they had to spend a few hours in police vans and in police departments. Photographer “RIA Voronezh” Roman Demyanenko spent two days in the police Department in Moscow, and then he was fined 500 rubles, and the Journalist of the Saratov news Agency “Free news” and a member of the PMC Alexander Nikishin was sent under arrest for four days for attempting to go to the police Department, where he was detained at the rally. In Petrozavodsk the journalist of the edition “Blueberry”, suspended on the days of his activity, Alexei Vladimirov received from a policeman hit in the face with such force that the glasses were broken. “The investigative Committee found the attacker, he explained that no one was beaten. Now we are waiting for an official response from the UK”, — said “Kommersant” the Chairman of the Union of journalists of Karelia Sergey Belyanchikov.

In Saint-Petersburg 70 members of the media signed a letter to the Prosecutor, describing the arrest of six colleagues. A similar request to the police has directed the local Union of journalists. “The Prosecutor’s office pulled our letter to the police, and all died. And through the Union of journalists was held a meeting of victims and representatives of the interior Ministry, where it was stated that all is well and that journalists are to blame,” — said “Kommersant” the editor of Department of investigations of the newspaper “Business Petersburg” Irina Pankratova. In St. Petersburg, and was discharged only one Protocol — the journalist of the portal “Proved” Artem Alexandrov.

“The case was transferred to court then the judge sent him back to the station, as there are a lot of bugs and inconsistencies. Not so long ago he was again returned to court and again was sent to the site,” — told “Kommersant” Mr. Alexandrov. And in Dagestan of three detainees only the journalist of the portal “Caucasian policy” Faina Kozhabekova decided to appeal in court the actions of the police, but then refused this idea, as the chance to win a little, told “Kommersant” her advocate Aida Kasimova.

The Guardian journalist Alec moon explained “Kommersant” that in the United States, where he was born, each state has its own requirements of the press, located in the heart of the riots. “Usually the police need to be accredited journalists, which are then located in the area of unrest,” said Mr. Moone.

He recalled that during the action “Occupy wall Street” was arrested journalists without accreditation. “During the inauguration of President Donald trump, several journalists were also detained: there are riots broke out, and they were close without accreditation. They were released without complaints, just this week was called (in for questioning.— “B”) Aaron Cantu. It turned out that he was a freelancer — freelance journalist, besides a civic activist. He faces heavy charges corresponding to the Russian criminal case,” added Alec moon.

Anastasia Kurilova