Director Polanski raped the American will be asked to close the case

Director Polanski raped the American will be asked to close the case

MOSCOW, 9 Aug — RIA Novosti. American girl Samantha Gamer, almost 40 years ago, she was raped by Director Roman Polanski on Friday to stand trial in Los Angeles to ask to dismiss.

Polanski is accused of raping a 13-year-old Gamer, which occurred in 1977 in the home of the famous Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson. The filmmaker pleaded guilty, but, fearing that the court will cancel his deal with the investigation, he fled to France and all this time is registered in search of American justice.

“It (the Gamer) will come to court with her husband because she was tired of this case, which lasts for 40 years. She wants it ended,” — said the Director’s lawyer Harland Braun, quoted by the AFP.

Earlier, Polanski’s legal team went to court in the United States a petition for the settlement of a rape case. The lawyer said that 83-year-old Polanski, who had Polish and French citizenship, is planning to return to the United States to visit the grave of his wife Sharon Tate, murdered in 1969 by a gang of Charles Manson. The Director the necessary safeguards that he will not be in jail on charges of rape.

The judge of the superior court of Los Angeles, Scott Gordon rejected several requests for resolution of the case, including eliminating prison sentences. Gordon also declined to specify what sentence Polanski in the case, if he returns to the United States.

During a visit to the film festival in Zurich in September 2009, Polanski was arrested at the request of U.S. authorities. A few months later, Polanski was released on bail of $ 4.5 million, and in July 2010 the Swiss justice Ministry decided to reject the U.S. extradition Director and finally to release the prisoner.

In 2015, the refusal to extradite Polanski to the United States said the court of Poland.