British pedophile with a “set a thief” was sentenced to a prison term

British citizen Patrick Berezovskogo was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for attempting to have sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of consent. About it reports BBC News.

The attacker was detained in November 2016 in his car, investigators found a “set a thief”: a Balaclava, condoms, duct tape, women’s leggings, Mace spray, two knives and an ax. In addition, the “kit” were used by the special services flashing light.

Brezovsko explained that it had contacted the 14-year-old girl through Facebook she told him that she was suffering from depression and humiliation in school, as well as prone to self-mutilation.

The man calmed her down and persuaded to come to him to have sex in the car. The girl sat in the bus and went with him to the city. Word got out and her friend told the mother of the girl — she contacted the police. Berezovskogo detained.

According to the tabloid Metro, just five months before the incident the attacker was driving a car with two 14-year-old girls whom he had persuaded to run away from home — then the police warned the father of one of them.