The US said the attack on Syrian government forces and the destruction of the drone

The strength of the US-led coalition destroyed a Syrian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). About it reports Reuters referring to the statement of the official representative of the coalition of Colonel Ryan Dillon.

According to him, the UAV was destroyed after struck by the location of coalition forces. The RAID caused damages among soldiers and no casualties. At the same time Dillon noted that this was the first recorded case of an attack on the forces of the US-led coalition.

Dillon also said that earlier on June 8, coalition forces attacked several jeeps that tried to get close to the 55-kilometer zone around the city of TANF. Here is the location of the American instructors, and a training base for the training of armed Syrian opposition groups.

6 June in the same area, the U.S.-led coalition struck the Syrian Pro-government forces. “Despite previous warnings by Pro-government forces in more than 60 soldiers entered defined in the agreement area of de-escalation, being armed with tanks, artillery, anti-aircraft weapons, armed vehicles,” reads the coalition statement.

The first blow was struck on may 18. Fighter jets of the coalition led by the United States, fired on a convoy of Pro-government forces, consisting of 27 units. The Pentagon reported that the blow was inflicted on the convoy, which entered “in the area of conflict prevention”, where the formation, supported by the United States. The coalition explained that this attack “added to the list of targets and goals of terrorists.”