The state Department told about the active work on counteraction of Russia



At the conference in Washington, acting assistant Secretary of state John Heffern said that various agencies of the US are actively cooperating with each other for effective interaction challenges from the Russian side, RIA “Novosti”.

“The fundamental political problem is that Russia does not accept the prevailing order in Europe after the cold war,” John Heffern.

Heffern noted that because of the Russian rejection of existing European order began aggression on her part towards Ukraine and Georgia, there have also been some “hostile acts”.

“One of the goals is to weaken the democratic institutions of the West,” the state Department spokesman.

According to an employee of the state Department, his office jointly with the Ministry of defense, the intelligence services and law enforcement agencies is active in the US and in Europe to resist Russia.

Previously, John Heffern said that Russia was planning a coup in Montenegro. Speaking at the conference the EU and the USA on joint security and defence, he noted that Russian agents recruited people and “used various mechanisms” to interfere in elections in the country.