The passenger pushed the conductor of a tram in Yekaterinburg

In Yekaterinburg, the passenger tram was attacked at the guard and pushed him out of the cabin. The result is an elderly man fell on the pavement. About it reports the local Internet edition it publishes a video recording of the incident.


The incident occurred at a stop “Metro station “Uralmash””. One of the passengers pushed the first conductor, so that he fell, and then took the jacket and through the open door thrown out on the street.

“Older the conductor flew out of the car on the asphalt, fell down, some time came to himself, then villages,” — said the publication of one of the witnesses of the incident. According to her, the man bought a ticket. In a dispute with the conductor, he also did not enter.

At the same time, according to the cause of the conflict was the unwillingness of the bully to pay the fare.

The offender tried to escape, but the other passengers detained him until the police arrived.

Regional Department of the Investigative Committee learned about the incident from the media and began checking on the fact of incident. “Of course, such cynical behavior has no place in our society, and any manifestation of such aggression and unjustified cruelty should be stopped in accordance with applicable law. According to the results of the preliminary investigation of the actions of man will be given a tough and principled legal assessment”, — stated in the message Department.

In September 2016 in the suburbs stowaway trains Serpukhov — Moscow shot of the controller to avoid the penalty for stowing away. The victim received a wound to the chest, the assailant arrested.