The media learned about the requirements of the Arab countries to Qatar to restore relations

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and some other Arab countries had prepared a list of demands to Qatar to restore diplomatic relations. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources.

In particular, States have demanded a reduction in broadcast-based Qatar TV channel “al Jazeera”, guarantees the termination of funding of extremist groups and support the movement “Muslim brotherhood”.

It is noted that the final list of requirements yet to be agreed. It plans to introduce in the near future.

Monday, June 5, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE announced the rupture of diplomatic relations with Qatar. They accused Doha of supporting terrorist organizations, including prohibited in Russia groups “Islamic state” and al-Qaeda, and destabilizing the political situation in these Arab States.

On the same day their decision was joined by Yemen, Libya, the Maldives and Mauritius. June 6, Jordan lowered the level of relations with Qatar and Mauritania announced their breakup. The day after this decision the Union of the Comoros.

Saudi Arabia also announced that it would stop all ground connections to Qatar. For the Emirate it is a heavy blow, as more than half of the food he receives from the Kingdom.