The American took video of an attack on a shark

The American took video of an attack on a shark

MOSCOW, 8 Feb — RIA Novosti. American Parker Simpson captured on video the moment of attack to the reef sharks while spearfishing in Florida.

In the video you can see how Parker looks for fish at the bottom. In his hand he holds a grouper (a large marine fish of the family stone perch — ed.). Beside him floats his friend Justin.

At some point in the frame there is a shark, which Parker says immediately. She swims at him, then attacks and bites his leg.

“Justin, get my gun! She cut my piece of legs!”, — screams Parker’s friend, swim to the surface after the attack.

According to Fisher, the shark, probably, wanted to deprive him of grouper, but continued the attack even after he released the fish. After the first attack, the predator never returned.

At the end of the video Parker and Justin get out on the boat. Later, the other hero of the video took him to the hospital where he spent four hours. Parker explained that the shark hurt tibial artery, due to which he lost about a liter of blood.