Search in “Russia sitting” is explained by the message on plunder of budgetary funds

Olga Romanova

Executive Director of the movement “Russia sitting” Olga Romanova told about the reasons for carrying out a search in the organization. She announced this to “Interfax” on Thursday, June 8.

“It was a preliminary examination. Apparently, the signal about the theft of budget funds, which we have,” she said.

According to Romanova, employees UBEP by two public observers seized “some financial documents.”

Earlier, Romanov reported about the search in social networks. The coordinator of the organization Alexey Fedorov told reporters that the reason the security forces are unclear, his colleagues are unable to leave the premises.

May 10, 2016, reported 30-day account suspension Olga Romanova in Facebook because of repost record Sterligov under the status of “No to fascism!”.

“Russia sitting” dedicated to helping wrongly convicted people and their families. For their support, raise money, carry out the examination of criminal cases, sending parcels to places of deprivation of liberty. The project was created in 2008.