Russia day is celebrated in 19 Metropolitan parks

In Moscow, the events devoted to celebration of day of Russia will be held in 19 parks reported on the website of the municipality.

So, in 10 parks, including the Hermitage garden, Kuzminki Park and Izmailovo Park, will offer free screenings. To demonstrate the will of the Soviet and classical Russian films: “Girls”, “Wedding in Malinovka”, “After you”, “Without borders” and other paintings.

In Sokolniki the robot with a resemblance to Alexander Pushkin, will read his poems, and “Kuzminki” will be competitions in the Assembly of androids, and races RC cars at speed. The Bauman Garden will host a theatre festival, and visitors Tagansky Park will be offered to participate in the flash mob and line up as the flag of Russia.

According to the national news service (NSN), in the garden of “Hermitage” will be held a fashion show and a concert with participation of group “Accident”, “After 11” and artists of the theater “Russian song”.

Network edition notes that Parking in the capital on 12 June will be free, with the exception of the plane Parking with a barrier.

Earlier it was reported that in Day of Russia in places of mass festivities will be limited to the sale of alcohol. In nearby stores, you cannot purchase alcohol, including alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in the glass.