Roads, housing, Ukraine and elections: popular questions to the “Direct line with Vladimir Putin”

© Mikhail Klimentyev/press service of the Russian President/TASS

MOSCOW, June 8. /TASS/. Popular questions for the upcoming June 15 “Straight line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin traditionally cover the most sensitive for the Russians topic – bad roads and bad officials, as well as salaries, pensions, benefits and mortgages. On foreign policy the most burning question still is associated with the Ukrainian crisis. Did not remain without attention of Russians and the main issue of the election year – whether the head of state to run for another term.

A list of popular questions received on the “Straight line”, published on the official website of the program (Moscow-Putin.of the Russian Federation).

What worries Russians

Just at the moment in the corresponding section of more than 30 popular applications, some of which are recorded on video. The topics of the questions are very different – housing, military service, support for families, retirement age, rate of the ruble, foreign policy and even the quality of domestic fish products. Some complaints are worded very briefly, but there are those for whom it took a lot of words and question marks.

“When you increase the size of children’s allowances?” – says, for example, one of the most popular questions. “How do You think will make the team of Russia on football at the world Cup next year?” – they also ask Putin. In one of the appeals that fall into the category of popular, the question mark is not set at all: “I wish Syria had peace and no war between Muslims and Christians.”