Putin said about the immutability of the US policy under different presidents

Vladimir Putin and Oliver stone

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that change of heads of state in the United States does not affect the political process in the country. He told this in an interview with the American Director Oliver stone, the cut of which was published on the official Showtime channel in YouTube.

“Curiously, the presidents in your country are changing, and policy is not” — said Putin.

Previously, stone said, asked Putin about Russian-American relations. According to him, this interview he set himself the task of stopping the deterioration of the situation between Washington and Moscow.

Documentary stone “Interview with Putin” (The Moscow Interviews) is divided into episodes which will be released on 12-June 15 on Showtime. The Kremlin said that looking forward to publishing the interview. “We wonder how, how did Oliver stone put together the material. He is a talented man a very, well, shall we say, unpredictable in terms of creative expressions, so we wonder,” — said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

Stone also shot films about US presidents John Kennedy, Richard Nixon and George W. Bush. In addition, he created such films as “Platoon,” “wall street” “Alexander”, “Born on the fourth of July,” “the doors” and “natural Born killers”.