Politico: U.S. senators ready


AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

American party of both parties meet this week to vote for sanctions against Russia over its “intervention” in U.S. elections, reports Politico, citing a source in the Senate.

Measures against Russia will be considered after the vote on new sanctions against Iran — probably in the same day.

“We either do it during the vote on the Iranian sanctions or the President (of the Senate Committee on foreign relations — ed.) is a Corker in front of us undertakes to devote Russia a single day,” said the Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham.

According to him, he would prefer a separate vote on how to “punish” Russia.

Together with senators John McCain and Chuck Summera Graham is the chief proponent of restrictive measures against Russia. Their goal is to issue sanctions in the form of law to Trump then it was more difficult to cancel them.

The senators tried to do it back in early may, but the Chairman of the international Affairs Committee Bob Corker has decided to postpone consideration of new sanctions before the advent of the results of the investigation about the “interference” of Russia in elections in the United States.

Accusations of the kind expressed in the address of Russia for several months. Now several congressional committees and the U.S. Department of justice, conducting investigations, but no evidence of any one Agency has not yet resulted.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a recent interview with NBC News noted that Washington itself is interfering in election campaign in different countries of the world, adding that Moscow still who will be the President of the United States, so any intervention simply makes no sense.