Police seized from the Kemerovo store Panama and socks with the image of cannabis

In one of shopping centres of Kemerovo from the shop seized a shipment of clothing depicting drug symbols. This is stated on the website of the regional interior Ministry cupola.

It is noted that during the RAID police found 30 kinds of products (shirts, caps, bandanas, hats, socks, etc.) with the image of a cannabis leaf. Total withdrawn was 254 of the subject.

“Under current law, such images are equal to the promotion and advertising of drugs. According to experts, the image of cannabis and other drug symbols has a certain effect and may lead to the manifestation of interest in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their precursors”, — stated in the message.

Conducted an administrative investigation, the owners of the shop faces a fine in the amount of 40 thousand rubles and suspension of the operation of outlets for up to 90 days.

In September 2015, the court fined the journalist from Tver, selling clothes with the image of cannabis, guilty in the promotion and advertising of drugs. Owners of sales outlets was fined 40 thousand rubles each, and illegal products were seized.