Oliver stone called the cause of the creation of the film about Putin

Oliver stone called the cause of the creation of the film about Putin

WASHINGTON, 8 Jun — RIA Novosti. American film Director Oliver stone stated that his film about Russian President Vladimir Putin, he is trying to prevent a further deterioration of relations between Russia and the United States.

Monday in the United States on the cable channel Showtime comes the documentary stone “Interview with Putin” that the Director was prepared two years.

In an interview with the Star Tribune about the purpose of his picture, stone said: “It’s critical for US to understand the other point of view.”

I’m interested in how to prevent further deterioration of relations.Oliver Stone

Stone’s film, excerpts of which were read by some journalists, has already caused criticism of the Director by a number of media in the United States. The author accused the Pro-Russian positions and to be sympathetic to the Russian President. Previously, stone has been accused of anti-Americanism in a film about the conflict in Ukraine, as well as in interviews with leaders of Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.

The stone also asked the opinion about an interview last week took the President’s television journalist, NBC Megyn Kelly.

“I think she was attractive and she was asking the tough questions, but she couldn’t argue with him (Putin — ed.) and confront him, because she did not know many things,” said stone, noting that unlike her, the Russian President “knew what they said.”

He called the style of her interview, “like a machine gun”, meaning a large number of questions.

“I’m not a journalist. I’m making a movie, and I had another approach,” stone said.

Interview, Putin was shown on NBC on Sunday evening “Prime time”. However, in the air you got only 10 minutes of conversation, that was seriously mounted. Almost all the questions of the journalist concerned the so-called “RF interference” in the elections in the United States. Putin once again denied such accusations, calling them unsubstantiated.