Mei voted in the parliamentary elections

Mei voted in the parliamentary elections

LONDON, 8 Feb — RIA Novosti, Denis Voroshilov. Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party, Theresa may, on Thursday voted at the extraordinary parliamentary elections, reports Sky News.

May the voting went to his constituency in the city of Maidenhead (Berkshire). She is also a candidate to the Parliament, the vote in her constituency will be counted in the dead of night.

Polling stations in the parliamentary elections opened on Thursday at 07.00 (09.00 GMT).

The main intrigue of the election is whether the ruling Conservative party to reinforce the position in the Parliament or at least keep the absolute majority (326 seats), which allows it to unilaterally form a Cabinet of Ministers.

The voting will last until 22.00 local time (00.00 GMT). Immediately after this will be published data of exit polls and counted votes, which will last all night. Final data on the outcome of the vote will be announced on Friday, June 9.

According to the results of the elections will determine the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers will be formed by the house of Commons of the Parliament. Currently, the polls show that the Conservative party is leading with 42% against 35% from the labour party. Thus, the chances of the conservatives to increase their representation in the Parliament increase.

As expected, the elected parliamentarians are sworn in on 13 June, and the Parliament will start on June 19 after the official ceremony with the participation of the Queen.