MACK traces the impact of explosives on crashed Polish Tu-154 was not

MACK traces the impact of explosives on crashed Polish Tu-154 was not

MOSCOW, 8 Feb — RIA Novosti. The technical Commission of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC), which in 2010-2011 was involved in the investigation of the crash which crashed near Smolensk, the Polish Tu-154M, showed no impact on Board explosives, confirmed in an interview with RIA Novosti the Chairman of the Commission Alexey Morozov.

“It follows from… the final report, during the work of the technical Commission analyzed the results of ballistic and explosion and technical expertise available to the Commission, the Investigative Committee of Russia. No evidence of impact on aircraft explosives have been identified,” — said Morozov.

According to him, neither the nature of the scatter debris, or their condition did not confirm the version of the explosion on Board or destroy the ship in the air.

Morozov also said that there is no disappearance of the second recordings from the flight recorders of the Tu-154M, which they say Polish experts, was not.

According to MACK, the ship was two parametric recorder: staffing and operating the ATM-QAR Polish production. The latest installation was not coordinated with the developers of the aircraft and the registration system.

Morozov said that the transcript of ATM-QAR was engaged in the Polish experts.

“It was established that the recording was stopped for 2.5 seconds earlier than on regular recorders (Polish recorder was not accidental, that is protected, so, after receiving considerable damage, the inaccuracy or lack of information on it is understandable). Perhaps this is a source of information about some of the “disappeared” three seconds”, — said the Chairman of the Commission of the MAC.

According to Morozov, the deciphering of the staff protected the parametric recorder is contained in the report of the MAC in full.

The plane Tu-154 of Polish President Lech Kaczynski crashed in 2010 while landing at the airport Smolensk-North. On Board were 96 people — 88 passengers and eight crew members flying at the mourning events in Katyn. They all died.

According to the report of the MAC, the immediate cause of the tragedy was the pilots decision not to leave on spare airdrome, and the system – deficiencies in flight operations and crew training.

While in Poland in September 2016, a report was published about a new investigation. Warsaw claimed that the plane began to disintegrate in the air at 900 metres from the crash site, and registrars went missing last seconds of recordings.