Leonardo DiCaprio persuaded the President of Mexico to help sea pigs

Leonardo DiCaprio persuaded the President of Mexico to help sea pigs

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Mexican President Enrique peña Nieto and Mexican billionaire Carlos slim, signed a Treaty on the protection of the California sea pigs. This publication reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Under the agreement, Mexico has completely banned the use of so-called Gill nets for fishing in the North of the Gulf of California. In addition, funds from DiCaprio and Sliema will provide financial assistance to the regions of Mexico affected by the ban, and will pay for the development of other methods of fishing.

Gill nets are used for the production of marine fish totoaba, which is considered a delicacy in China. They are a major cause of population declines in California sea pigs. On the black market per kilogram swimming bubbles totoaba pay thousands of dollars, so the attempts to limit the use of this method of fishing had no effect.

California harbour porpoise, a rare marine mammal of the suborder of toothed whales, resembling a small Dolphin. They are found in the Northern part of the Gulf of California. The number of species ranges from 100 to 300 individuals and is declining rapidly.

DiCaprio has established a Foundation for combating environmental pollution and global warming in 1998. In 2014, the actor was appointed UN envoy on climate change.