Kosachev: the coalition has no rights to


RIA Novosti

The term “protection” in case of another attack on Pro-government forces in Syria are not applicable to determine these actions of the coalition, as it has no right to it. This opinion was expressed by TASS, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev. He noted that the details of the incident have yet to understand and evaluation should be done by specialists – the military and diplomats, and only then politics.

Earlier it was reported that coalition air forces struck at Pro-government forces in Syria in the area of de-escalation in the South. As stated in the statement of the headquarters of the operation Inherent Resolve (“resoluteness”), which is held in Iraq and Syria group of countries led by the US coalition is ready to defend in the case that Pro-government forces refuse to leave the area de-escalation.

“But what is astounding is the term “protect” as applied to the troops of the so-called “coalition” operating in Syria. Let me remind you that from the point of view of international law the “coalition” is not the slightest rights to such actions, and the term “protection” here in any case is inappropriate and inapplicable,” – said Kosachev.

He noted that for such situations there are clear and reasonable formula: “do Not use military force against the legitimate authorities of a sovereign state, and there would be no threats to your address”.

This is the second in a month if applying by coalition forces air strikes on Pro-government forces in the district At-TANF. 18 may have been committed by an airstrike units, which operated within the specified zone, de-escalate North-West of the city of al-TANF. As stated in the headquarters of the coalition, these groups “represented a threat to the US and its partners.”