In the United States are preparing for the hearings with former FBI Director

In the United States are preparing for the hearings with former FBI Director

Thursday at 10: 00 a.m. East coast time USA (17: 00 MSK) began hearings in the Senate intelligence Committee, which invited the former Director of the FBI James Komi.

Under his leadership the FBI was investigating possible Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016 After Donald trump suddenly fired Komi on may 9, it became known that the President of Komi asked to stop the investigation against Michael Flynn, briefly worked for the trump adviser for national security. It can be classified as obstruction of justice.

Published on the eve of the written statement, that Komi will present as the opening remarks at the hearing, he confirmed earlier media reports that after meeting with trump, he prepared a memo in which, in particular, it was noted:

Trump wanted Komi swore personal loyalty, and stopped the investigation against Flynn.

Also trump, said in a statement Komi, wanted to help “disperse the clouds” gathered over his administration because of the investigation about the possible intervention of Russia in election.

“The statement of Komi behavior of Donald trump described at best as inappropriate and at worst illegal, — said the Senator-Democrat Edward Markey. — I urge my colleagues in the Senate, both Democrats and Republicans, to focus during the hearings on one, and only one thing — the truth”. Republican Senator James Lanford, a member of the intelligence Committee, said Wednesday evening on Fox News that he does not consider requests that trump expressed Komi, obstruction of justice: “the President did not say: you must do this or that.”

After Monday, the White house said it will not attempt to interfere with the performance of the Komi Republic in the Senate, TV began to advertise live from the hearings, “with enthusiasm, which is usually used for advertisements fighting for the top prize in the heavyweight division,” writes the Financial Times.

To show the meeting live will all the national television networks and many cable channels.

The company canceled the morning of the meeting so that employees could watch the performance of the Komi Republic and to hear the questions that will be asked of him by senators, media reported. At Evergreen Partners, specializing in strategic communications, has canceled all meetings with clients when I saw how much it will begin hearings in the Senate, told The New York Times (NYT) the President of the company Karen Kessler: “the TV show to be necessary.” Staff stocking up on popcorn and crackers, ready to watch the hearings on the big office TV.

Many bars in Washington will show the broadcast of the hearings.

The restaurant Shaw’s Tavern, approximately 3 km North from the Capitol announced that it will open for regular visitors earlier than usual so they could watch the broadcast and take it with Russian vodka for $5.

In a Washington sports bar, Union Pub, the bartenders will be pouring all visitors Budweisers beer or a shot of Bourbon every time trump will publish something to Twitter during the hearing. Free drinks will be unlimited, assured the correspondent of NYT management bar Ashley Saunders: if the President will publish 20 tweets “let’s get free 20 times.” Trump’s page in Twitter will be shown along with a picture from the meeting of the Senate Committee, which can be seen on the 18 screens in the bar.

CBS journalists will also follow the Twitter page of trump. They rehearsed as during the broadcast of the hearings will react to the possible publication of the President and report to the audience. “We’re going to cover how this event will impact in Washington and around the world,” says Ryan Kadro, Executive producer of CBS News.