In the UK, began early parliamentary elections

In the UK, began early parliamentary elections

According to the results of the election will be determined by the new composition of the house of Commons and the party with more than half of Deputy mandates, will have the right to form a government.

LONDON, June 8. /Offset. TASS Ilya Dmitriev/. Early parliamentary began on Thursday in the UK. Exactly at 07:00 local time (09:00 GMT) over 40 thousand polling stations opened across the country. The opportunity to vote at 46.4 million Britons who are registered as voters, will have until 22:00 (00:00 GMT). Immediately after that leading TV channels will announce the results of exit polls, the counting of votes will be conducted all night, and the final results should be known by Friday morning, 9 June.

The polls give an advantage to the tories

According to the results of the election will be determined by the new composition of the house of Commons, which consists of 650 MPs (the number of electoral districts). The party which wins more than half of Deputy mandates, will have the right to form a government. The main intrigue is whether the ruling Conservative party headed by Prime Minister Theresa may, to remain at the helm for the next five years.

Public opinion polls show the advantage of the conservatives, but the spread in the estimates is very large. So, according to the results of the latest sociological research, conducted by YouGov, the conservatives are ready to vote 42% of respondents, while their main rival — the labour party intend to support 35% of respondents. A public opinion survey, Kantar also revealed the leadership of the tories, but with a smaller gap. So, in support of the ruling party voted 43% of study participants, and 38% prefer labour.

Meanwhile, according to the newspaper Times, senior officials in the government of great Britain received the instruction on the preparation of the plan in case the results of voting, none of the parties will not gain 326 mandates necessary for the formation of a majority government.

This situation is called a “hung Parliament” and will require negotiations on the formation of a coalition government or even a new election.

Voting rules

In the UK there is never a “day of silence” during the elections, to campaign for their candidates until the last moment, however, inside the polling stations to do so is prohibited. Moreover, the discussion about advantages and disadvantages of candidate before polling booth is against the rules, even if the debate will unfold between husband and wife.

Similarly, inside the polling stations not allowed to take pictures. By law, the disclosure of information about how to vote by another person, is a gross violation, the penalty for which can reach 5 thousand pounds ($6.5 thousand).

Therefore, election officials will closely monitor that no one has done any photos, no selfies inside the polling station.

According to the electoral Commission of the UK since 1832, when it was a radical electoral reform, the only month that never had a vote to determine the composition of Parliament was September. The most popular months are considered to be may and October. Since the end of the First world war parliamentary elections were held in these months six times, and in June — five times.

On the day of the people’s will prohibited the broadcast of any statements that might cause voters to change their minds. That is why up until the polls closed, the TV shows images of the maximum abstract from the election theme. Reports from polling stations are the most apolitical character. One of the most popular stories about animals.

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