In Madrid men banned widely spread her legs in public transport

In Madrid men banned widely spread her legs in public transport

Authorities in the Spanish capital rose against barbarism and forbidden to sit with legs wide apart on public transport.

The Madrid municipal transport company has announced that metro buses and trains there will be signs notifying passengers of the prohibition of immodest behavior. Each sign will depict the man moved apart legs so widely that takes three seats instead of one, reports The Local.

Por un transporte respetuoso. Por poder ir tranquilas en el metro

— MicroFeministas (@Relatofeminista) 5 Jun 2017

The adoption of the relevant decision of the transport company was “inspired” by collecting signatures on under the requirement to place in the underground posters against disrespectful behavior of some passengers.

“Men’s style to sit in transport, when a man sits with legs wide apart and takes the space of others, making life difficult for others. It is easy to observe how women modestly “compressed” next to ill-mannered members of the opposite sex that are located on public transport as on your sofa,” — said in the petition.

#MadridSinManspreading Nosotras ya hemos firmado contra las actitudes relacionadas con el “privilegio masculino”

— FMJ (@MujeresJovenesF) 5 Jun 2017

“New information icon reports that sitting in a position that interferes with others is prohibited. She recalls civil responsibility and respect for the personal spaces of each passenger,” explains the authorities of Madrid.