Democrats in Congress will file a lawsuit against trump because of a conflict of interest

Democrat congressmen are going in the coming weeks to initiate proceedings against U.S. President Donald trump case in connection with a conflict of interest. It is reported by the newspaper Politico.

Members of the house of representatives and the Senate contend that the trump refuses to sell their company or to transfer assets in a blind trust, and thus constantly violate constitutional provisions prohibiting the President to accept gifts and payments from foreign governments.

The lawsuit will be filed until next week, however, dozens of congressmen have put their signatures in his support.

In January, trump left his company the Trump Organization. Advisor to trump on taxes Sheri Dillon stated that it is up to the inauguration will transfer all of its assets to trust management and will refuse all the positions in his company.

“All investments and business assets in the Trump Organization have been or will be transferred to the trust until 20 January,” said Dillon. She added that trump will not enter into any contracts overseas during his presidency, and transactions within the country will take place “under strict control and subject to a conflict of interest.”

In addition, Dillon said that the future President will not be in contact with their company.