The ship “General Vatutin” moored in the port of Rostov-na-Donu

The ship “General Vatutin” moored in the port of Rostov-na-Donu

ROSTOV-ON-DON, June 6 — RIA Novosti, Ivan Kapustin. Released from Kiev ship “General Vatutin”, movement and belonging which is interested in Russian and Ukrainian media on Tuesday, should be in the port of Rostov-on-don, where it will be moored, said RIA Novosti the representative of the Federal Agency of Maritime and river transport.

Earlier it was reported that “General Vatutin” is at anchor in the port of Kavkaz in the Kerch Strait, it was checked by the border guards.

“The liner passed the border control, is now on Board disembarked the pilot and started the wiring in Mercantalism, Taman channels already on the way out in the sea of Azov, where he will be roughly at midnight. He moves to the side port of Rostov-on-don. With the captain of the port had a conversation. They will take the ship, towards evening tomorrow, it works. Then it will determine which pier it will be moored, as well as those procedures which the ship will pass, because it comes under a foreign flag,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier media reported that the cruise ship “General Vatutin” changed course and is moving in the direction of Rostov-on-don. According to Odessa edition of “Duma”, June 1, the liner went from Kiev to the so-called “hot tour”. Without going into the cruise, in Odessa, he went from Kherson to Ishmael, and then made the transition to Vilkovo.

On Monday, the liner came out of Vilkovo and headed for the Crimea. He spent the night near the southern coast of the Peninsula, and on Tuesday morning resumed the movement. While on the website MarineTraffic, which tracks the movement of vessels in real time, it is reported that “General Vatutin” is sent from Izmail to Rostov-on-don under the flag of Belize.

Earlier it was reported that the vessel is owned by the owner of Russia, to whom it was sold to a citizen of Cyprus. On Board is about 15 people — the crew and the representative of the shipowning company.

“General Vatutin” — a four-deck cruise ship, which cruises over Dnepr and Black sea. The vessel is equipped with 154 guest rooms, it can accommodate 280 passengers. The ship also has two restaurants, two bars, reading room, sauna, beauty salon and gift shop.