The Kremlin has expressed hope for a peaceful resolution of the conflict around Qatar

Dmitry Peskov

In Moscow hope that the conflict between Qatar and other Arab countries will be resolved peacefully by political and diplomatic means. About it the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said to journalists on Tuesday, June 6, the correspondent “”.

“We value our relations with all Persian Gulf countries intend to further develop these relations,” he said.

“We hope that this situation will in no way affect the General efforts to combat terrorism,” added the Kremlin spokesman.

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5 June Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Qatar. Doha accused of supporting terrorist organizations, including such large, as in Russia banned the “Islamic state” (IG) and “al-Qaeda”. Furthermore, these States argued that Qatar commits acts to destabilize their political situation. Later the decision on the termination of relations with Qatar have joined Yemen, Libya, the Maldives and Mauritius.

The media found out that the government of Qatar paid the terrorists of the banned terrorist organization “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra” hundreds of millions of dollars for the release from captivity of 26 members of the Royal family, captured in southern Iraq.