Medvedev urged to keep the purity of the Russian language

Dmitry Medvedev

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev urged to protect Russian language. This is stated in the congratulation with Pushkin’s day, published on the government website.

“Of course, language is a living organism, it changes, but it is important to preserve its beauty and purity,” — said Medvedev.

The government, he said, is paying these issues great attention. In confirmation of this, the Prime Minister led the last Years of the Russian language, culture and literature, as well as the action “Total dictation”.

The Prime Minister recalled the importance of the Russian language as the means of interethnic communication in the CIS. “The multimillion Russian world away from the homeland and keep all than have our people, traditions, customs and, of course, the indomitable Russian nature”, — said Medvedev.

On 6 June, the birthday of poet Alexander Pushkin, the celebrated Russian language Day.

In September 2016 the Association of teachers of Russian language and literature proposed to create a linguistic police force, which is meant to protect the language from the domination of foreign words. It was proposed to focus on the experience of France, where there is a law prescribing how many borrowed words can be contained in the songs.