American intelligence agencies have asked the eternal right to monitor foreigners

American intelligence agencies should have the opportunity at any time to start spying on any foreign national. With this position, as reported by Reuters, were made by the Director of national intelligence Dan Coates.

Coates suggested the Senate to permanently fix the temporary section 702 of the act of covert surveillance for the purposes of foreign intelligence (FISA). This section allows the joint decision of the US attorney General and Director of national intelligence put him under surveillance of any foreigner. Since the adoption of this solution the surveillance is carried out not more than a year.

Edition Lawfare explains that the bill was introduced by Republican Senator Tom Cotton. “This program gave our intelligence agencies of valuable information that has saved American lives and provided information about the most elusive goals. The mystery of the private lives of American citizens section 702 is fully protected,” he explained in the Memorandum to the bill.

Critics of this measure claim that in the course of the spying of foreign targets can sometimes be obtained, and information about Americans, which is prohibited by law. Section 702 will be cancelled if it is not extended until 31 December 2017 or will not make a permanent part of the regulatory framework of the state.