Tver shooter before the killing, he drank two liters of vodka

Muscovite Sergey Egorov, shot nine people in Tver the village of Redkino, during the feast, which preceded the massacre, drank almost two liters of vodka. About that RT told his lawyer Ekaterina Stepanova.

Alcohol likely was a fake and mixed with beer, said the lawyer. “Others also drank not less, so there is hardly anyone understood what was happening”, she added.

Egorov himself, according to Stepanova, vaguely remembers what happened. Now the man is detained, is in a depressed state.

The reason for the massacre, as he wrote the publication that was the dispute about the service in the army. The companions supposedly did not believe the memories Egorova about security, because of what he flared up, left and came back with a weapon in his hands, then began to kill the offenders and witnesses. His lawyer said that the man did not serve in the airborne troops, but he is serving in the army air defense in Germany (group of Soviet and later Russian forces were located there until the autumn of 1994). At the same time in the Department of internal Affairs across the Tver region said that Egorov in fact never served.

Mass murder was committed on the night of 4 June. The victims were nine people, including 92-year-old woman. The circumstances of the crime are established.