The Senator said that Clinton jumped to conclusions about


RIA Novosti

Vice-Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on intelligence mark Warner in an interview with CNN, acknowledged that any evidence of alleged “collusion” trump of Russia, is still not detected.

“A lot of smoke, but no indisputable evidence,” he stated.

Commenting on the words of Hillary Clinton that “the campaign of Russia to influence elections in the United States” would not be as effective if it did not send the Americans, Warner said that to draw such conclusions now — so be rushed. He said that this question should also answer the investigation, “trump ties with Russia.”

The direct answer to the question of the presenter whether there are any serious accusations against trump in preventing investigation concerning “relations with Russia,” Warner declined, indicating that it is a practicing lawyer.

In the United States have repeatedly accused Russia of trying to influence American elections. The Russian side, in turn, rejected such accusations, pointing out their invalidity. In may to investigate “relationships trump of Russia”, which refutes the White house and the Kremlin, was appointed the special Prosecutor who was Robert Mueller. Two investigating committees on intelligence of the Senate and house of representatives of the United States.