The court gave the parties the full text of the decision on the claim to the Bulk of Usmanov

The court gave the parties the full text of the decision on the claim to the Bulk of Usmanov

MOSCOW, June 6. /TASS/. Lublin Moscow court has given the parties full text of the decision under the claim about protection of honor and dignity of the businessman Alisher Usmanov to the opposition leader Alexei Awalnya and the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK). About TASS reported the press service of the businessman.

“The parties got my hands on the full text of the decision and was able to see its motivation part” — said the press service.

As noted in the solution Bulk and FBK “no credible evidence that Usmanov bribed Medvedev, Shuvalov or another Russian officials, the court was not presented”. Common defendants data, the document says, are in fact assumptions and generalities “in order to spread of rumors under the guise of authentic reports”.

“Allegations circulated Bulk and FBK are very significant and meaningful, reflecting the complete absence of the defendants, a reasonable and balanced approach to inform them of the information, as is customary in a modern democratic society. A donation of property in socially significant and charitable purposes is endorsed and strongly encouraged in the public consciousness. Accordingly, acceptance of donations it is the bribe can only be done in special procedure prescribed by the criminal and criminal procedure law, and should be expressly stated in the court verdict. Meanwhile, a similar verdict in respect of donations on the basis of civil legal sentence sotsgosproyekt Foundation land plot with buildings in the village of Znamenskoye, objectively not there,” — says the decision of the Lublin court.

In accordance with the decision of Navalny is obliged to remove recognized by the court “untrue and defamatory information that “Usmanov A. B. bribed Dmitry Medvedev by donations of land with buildings in the village of Znamenskoye the sotsgosproyekt Foundation, Usmanov A. B. exercise censorship in the publishing house “Kommersant” Alisher Usmanov A. B. bribed Igor Shuvalov”, A. B. Usmanov is a criminal, bribed Dmitry Medvedev and other Russian officials, was kidnapped by Soviet processing plants and underpaid taxes.” Data publikaciji defendants should delete all the three sites, a YouTube channel, as well as in social network Facebook within 10 days after the court decision comes into force. The rebuttal should be on these online resources at least three months.

The reaction of the parties

After the announcement of the court’s operative part of the judgment Navalny said he would not act on it and remove the information recognized as untrue. “Now answer the question, will you, Alex, to enforce the judgment? Of course not. The court’s decision, I do not recognize and do not recognize this court,” he said, accusing the court of bias and partiality. As expected, the Bulk in the near future will submit the corresponding appeal complaint in Moscow city court.

“The court’s decision confirmed the absolute innocence of my client on all causes of action. The defendants in the proceedings are unable to provide the court with any evidence and systematically abused the law in the course of the trial. All the false data and materials received legal assessment and must be impeached and removed,” — said the lawyer Usmanov Nikolai Krylov.

Earlier in the press service of Usmanov stressed that the statement of claim contains the requirement to remove only those portions of the roller, and also other materials Navalny Fund to fight corruption on YouTube and their own resources, which discredit the honor and dignity of Mr Usmanov. “We are going to do in any case”, — concluded the press-service of the businessman.