The analyst assessed the risks for Kursk Governor after the arrest of his Deputy

Alexander Mikhailov

The Governor of Kursk region Alexander Mikhailov threatened to resign if the investigation proves his involvement in the fraud with his Deputy Vasily Zubkov, were detained on suspicion of extortion. This opinion was expressed by Director General of the political information Centre Alexei Mukhin in conversation with “ru” on Monday, June 5.

“The Governor said, he never left the area at risk in various rankings, but not demonstrated significant success. If he is tied to this corruption scheme, it will often be expressed distrust of the President”, — said the analyst.

At the same time, he noted that he rarely “serious misconduct” Vice-governors do entailed the resignation of heads of regions. “A huge number of incidents where the governors remained at his post, despite the apprehension and arrest of a number of his deputies. It all depends on the decisions of the investigating authorities,” — said the expert.

Earlier on Monday it became known about detention of the Deputy Governor of the Kursk region, Chairman of regional Committee of regional security Vasily Zubkov. He is suspected of receiving bribes in the form of real estate on one million roubles.

On 4 June, the Investigative Committee of Russia detained the Vice-Governor of Vladimir region Elena, Masenko on suspicion of receiving bribes totaling at least three million rubles. In respect of the official is being prosecuted.

65-year-old Alexander Mikhaylov first became the Governor of Kursk oblast in 2000. Since then, several times re-elected to this post.